Practical Information



From Monday- Friday from 8h30 to 16h00.


Explanation of the admission statement



Please check into our hospital a little earlier than the appointed time as requested. You or a member of your family will be asked to provide information and to complete some documents.

For patient coming from the SHAPE, we would like to remind that :

  • All SHAPE patients covered by Prime (US active duty, family members of US active duty) should have a referral letter (order request) from their doctor at SHAPE and should have an AUTHORIZATION FORM from International SOS at each visit.
    These are available at the SHAPE Healthcare Facilities (Rue d’Athènes, 401 – 7010 SHAPE – - referral managment).
  • SHAPE British patients should have a referral letter from the UK clinic (Please contact Corine Bausier at the UK Clinic – 065.442.071). See annexe
  • All other SHAPE patients should fill out a registration form (see annexe 4) the first time they come at the C.H.R. de la Haute Senne, confirming contact details and insurance. These are available at the front desk. If you are from the European Union and if you are registered with a Belgian Mutuality, please bring with you a copy of your insurance certificate mentioning the validity period. If you will be leaving Belgium, fill another registration form at your last visit to the hospital including forwarding address for results and bills.



All appointments should be booked at the front desk, even if the doctor has proposed a time and date for you. Until it is booked officially at the front desk, you do not have an appointment! All appointments should be made as far in advance as possible. Please make sure you check the location of your appointment: there are 7 sister hospitals in the area. Your appointment might be at either one.

  • Tilleriau (main hospital)
    Chaussée de Braine, 49 - 7060 Soignies
  • Saint-Vincent (sister hospital)
    Boulevard Roosevelt, 17 – 7060 Soignies
  • Centre Médical des Ascenseurs (sister hospital)
    Rue du Manoir Saint Jean 1A - 7070 Thieu
  • Centre Médical Brainois (sister hospital)
    Rue de la Station, 103 A -7090 Braine-le-Comte
  • Centre Médical d’Enghien (sister hospital)
    Place du Vieux Marché, 56 – 7850 Enghien
  • Centre Médical de Tubize (sister hospital)
    Avenue de Scandiano, 4 – 1480 Tubize

You can also book an appointment via the SHAPE Healthcare Facilities (Mrs Corine Bausier ( (UK) and Mrs Fabienne Depestel ( or Mr Javier Ortiz ( (USA).


A visit to the maternity unit is organised approximately every 3 months by Mrs Carine Deconinck, midwife. 


Patient covered by medical insurance with letter of guarantee
Common room: none
Private room: 150 €

Patient covered by medical insurance without letter of guarantee
Common room: 3150 €
Private room: 3850 €

Patient coming from the European Union and registered with a Belgian mutuality for BIM (widowed, invalid, pensioner, orphan) for child
Common room: 150 €
Private room: 245 €
Common room (children BIM): 50 €
Common room (children): 75 €

Patient covered by Tricare (US active duty patient + Family members of US active duty patient +US military retiree)
Common room: none

Patient covered by the UK Clinic
Common room: none


If your surgery is scheduled for the same day as your admission, please contact the Day Hospital (067.348.375 – Mrs Sylvie CORDIER) to know the time you should come, usually at least 2 hours prior to surgery time.

It is advisable not to drive yourself home after the surgery. Please arrange with someone to drive you home.


You may choose from the following room types:lit-hopital

  • Private room: (single bed + extra cost) (not covered by Tricare and by the UK Clinic)
  • Common room: (2 beds – a curtain can be drawn completely around the bed so that some degree of privacy is possible)

All the rooms are equipped with the attached bathroom and toilet facilities, telephone and television. At the maternity unit, your baby can stay in his own bedroom (even for common room) attached to your bedroom. Your baby can rest quietly even during the visiting hours.

Visiting hours are more restricted in common room than in private room. Visiting hours for common room: from 03.00 (p.m.) to 07.00 (p.m.).



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